Senior Prizegiving – Academic Awards

Senior Prizegiving is the last formal occasion of the year for the seniors. Academic success was acknowledged with those getting a placing for their subjects (or for bigger subject ‘academic excellence’ awards). The following summarises those Y13 students who were part of the evening:

2017 Dux

  • Clairce du Toit – 1st= Biology, 1st= Mathematics, 1st= Mathematics – Calculus, 3rd Chemistry, 3rd Physics; Newlands College Senior Science Prize (joint dux award with Shine Wu from Year 12)

Joint Runner up to Dux – Proxime Accessit

  • Benjamin Murdoch – 1st= Biology, 1st English, 1st= Media Studies, 2nd= Geography
  • Rachael Wilson – 1st Chemistry, 1st Geography, 1st= Physics, 3rd= English; Senior Chemistry Award

Academic Excellence Awards

  • Matthew Bain – 1st Hard Materials Technology
  • Kiya Basabas – 1st= Drama, 1st= Media Studies, Academic Excellence in English
  • Jordan Borchowsky – 1st= Accounting, 1st= Economics
    BNZ Cup – for overall achievement in business related studies
  • Vaughan Brown – 2nd Tourism
  • Liam Chan – 2nd Japanese
  • Michael Chang – 3rd= Physical Education
  • Melissa Chu-Fong – 2nd Design and Visual Communication, 2nd English
  • Tyler Cruse – 1st Classical Studies, 1st History, 1st= Media Studies; Laycock Plate – Overall Excellence in Senior History; Owen Laing Wilkinson Cup for Excellence in Social Sciences
  • Emmerson Curd – 1st Food and Nutrition, 1st= Mathematics
  • Angeline Dano – 2nd Food and Nutrition
  • Haydn Davenport-Brown – 3rd Classical Studies, 2nd= Geography, 3rd History, 3rd Science Issues
  • James Day – 3rd Mathematics
  • Nineveh Eshow – 1st= Art Design; Artist of the year – For overall achievement in Visual Art. This trophy comes with a cheque for $100 donated by Martin de Ruyter, former student of this college. This Trophy is awarded not only for Nineveh’s achievement in the Art Design course but also for her contribution to the co-curricular life of the college
  • David Fale – 1st Science Issues
  • Danica Fontein – 1st= Drama, 1st= German
  • Hollie Gillum-Taylor – 1st Retailing
  • Lateefah Idris – 1st= Art Design, 1st Design and Visual Communication
  • Dylan Jones – 1st= Accounting
  • Hayley Luckin – Academic Excellence in French
  • Simon McSweeney-Harte – 1st= German, 2nd= Geography, 3rd Economics
  • Zac Milne – 3rd= Mathematics-Statistics
  • Ella Nguon – 1st Art Photography
  • Stefania Palea’ae – 2nd Classical Studies, 2nd History, 3rd= English, 3rd Food and Nutrition; Esera Trophy –  awarded for the highest achieving Pasifika student
  • Amelia Powdrell – 1st Physical Education; Trendle Family Trophy –  This award is for the student who achieves 1st place in Year 13 Physical Education
  • Geeth Rathnayake – 2nd Chemistry, 2nd Physical Education
  • Rangiwaitatao Samson – 1st Te Reo Maori
  • Lorraine Sevilla – 1st Soft Materials Technology, 2nd Science Issues, 3rd= Mathematics-Statistics
  • Tiarne Southon – 1st Japanese
  • Laura Spiers – 1st Tourism
  • Kyran van Asch – 1st Music
  • Lochlan Young – 3rd= Physical Education
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